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Applying For a Grant

Before making an application to GFT, please read the following information. If you require any help, please contact us on

Applications should be made in writing to 4 Queensgate Centre, Orsett Rd, Grays RM17 5DF

Once we have received your application, together with any supporting documentation it will be assessed to ensure that it complies with the Trustees criteria (see below).

We will write to you and let you know either:

Depending on the size of the grant applied for, your application will be forwarded for consideration at the next Trustee meeting. Meetings are held twice a year.

Once the trustees have made a decision, we will write to you to advise you of the outcome. The decision of the Trustees is final. The Trust reserve the right to visit applying organisations as part of their decision making process to view the project first hand or speak to those involved.

Grant timetables and deadlines

Grant applications are considered in the months of December and June. The closing date for applications to be considered are the last day in each of the stated months.

Grant Criteria

Grant application from the following organisations will be considered

  • individual cause
  • registered charities
  • schools/PTAs
  • not for profit organisation (including small clubs and societies)

Grant application for the following purposes are considered

  • Contributions to capital projects (eg refurbishment)
  • Capital expenditure items (e.g. furniture/equipment/computers etc)
  • General funds

Grant applications supporting the following activities will be considered

  • Work that has clear benefits to the local community
  • Work with young people/children
  • Education/ schools (mainstream)
  • People with disabilities

Grant applications will only be considered for projects being undertaken in the Thurrock area (either the applicant lives in Thurrock or the money is being spent in Thurrock)

Grant applications are NOT considered if they support the following purposes/activities.

  • major building works
  • research
  • overseas projects
  • religious projects
  • political projects
  • purchase of second hand vehicles
  • third party fund raising

Please note that if your application is successful, you will be required to confirm receipt of your grant. Failure to do so, within 3 months of receipt of a grant cheque may result in the organisation becoming ineligible to receive further grants in the future.

Grant Application Form

Latest News

2017 Total amount donated exceeds £17,000

2017 Total amount donated exceeds £17,000

In 2016 we donated £11,995.95

In 2016 we donated £11,995.95

Since June 2014 We Have Donated in excess of £20,000 to Local Causes

Since June 2014 We Have Donated in excess of £20,000 to Local Causes

To Date We Have Donated in Excess of £14,000 to Local Charities

To Date We Have Donated in Excess of £14,000 to Local Charities

£16,000 Donated in 2014

£16,000 Donated in 2014

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